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Personal Financial Planning

Creating Financial Freedom

At JB Tax and Accounting, we can help you create a comprehensive financial plan to manage risk, improve performance, and ensure financial freedom by building and preserving your personal wealth. Our one-on-one guidance gives you the tools to effectively save for the future.

We help you...

  • Prepare for Retirement

    We will work with you to determine your retirement needs, analyze your assets and retirement income sources, identify potential shortfalls, and create a plan that shows you the best ways to save for retirement.

  • Pay for College

    Paying for your child’s college education requires an accurate estimation of costs and a strategy for addressing potential shortfalls. We will help you address shortfalls, find alternative income sources, and create an optimal college savings plan.

  • Protect your Family

    Do you have a plan in place should you become disabled? Be sure you can protect your family with an emergency fund and proper insurance coverage. We can analyze your assets and review your will and powers of attorney.

  • Achieve Investment Goals

    Our skilled team can help you reach your investment goals. We can identify the necessary steps to maximize your returns and minimize risk.

A financial plan's true value comes with its implementation. Let us help you attain financial freedom by requesting a free consultation below.

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